The Council’s Finale (And Retail Edition) Gets Release Date!

The Council, which is surprisingly good amongst episodic games (even if it doesn’t look that nice most of the time), is coming to an end.

Episode 5: Checkmate brings all your decisions, mistakes, and victories to the fore as Louis’ alliances, enemies, and family all come together for a climactic confrontation. Who will win, and can the De Richets survive the island in the end? […] Finish the adventure in The Council Episode 5: Checkmate, where kings fall, pawns rise, and the choice, as always, is yours,” Focus Home Interactive‘s press release says about the game that could become the next king of episodic games (although Life is Strange 2 might take the throne now as Telltale is gone, and Skybound needs time to finish The Walking Dead…).

As the series is coming to an end, The Council is going to get a retail release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and Telltale could have learned a lesson – releasing a physical edition when the game ends!) – it will launch on December 4, when Checkmate is out for the season pass/Complete Edition owners. Standalone, the final episode from Big Bad Wolf will be available from December 6.

Source: Gematsu, Xboxachievements

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