Is Alien: Blackout Getting Announced At The Game Awards?

We can prepare for a new Alien game – it is almost confirmed!

„Worlds will change” is this year’s The Game Awards‘ slogan, and on the tweet photo, we can see this sentence repeated several times, and there’s also a W in the top left corner, resembling the Weyland-Yutani Corporation from the Alien franchise. Hideo Kojima also posted two photos from his 20th Century Fox visit, posing with the Alien poster and the egg. TGA’s Twitter account responded with the slogan.

It’s not coincidental: 20th Century Fox has filed a trademark for Alien: Blackout in the „computer game discs; software, namely game software” category. So, the company is preparing for a game. Also, two Twitter accounts, both registered in September, wearing the FoxNext logo, namely AlienBlackout and Alien_Blackout, were found.

It seems that The Game Awards, which will happen on December 6, might have an Alien: Blackout announcement. As Alien: Isolation was an outstanding game, we eagerly await the first details of Blackout…

Source: Gematsu, Jeuxvideo-Live

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