As Fast As They Came, Soulja Boy’s Consoles Are Gone!

It wasn’t already a smart idea to slap his name on some Chinese consoles (marking their prices up in the process…), but the rapper had to stop.

In short: Soulja Boy started selling several consoles/handhelds on his store, but these were all emulation machines packed with ROMs, which immediately put him at risk to get sued by Nintendo, who spent their last year shutting down ROM-sharing websites after getting cease-and-desist orders. Initially, Soulja Boy didn’t seem to take the situation seriously, as he dissed everyone under the sun in several now deleted tweets that were screencapped by DualShockers. We’re not going to quote them, read them:

video image 476818

He had multiple consoles for sale. One of them resembled a Game Boy, another one looked like an Xbox One X, and there was another handheld, plus the Fuze, which is a China-exclusive Android console with a constant Internet connection requirement. The first three consoles emulated games up to the GBA, and they were packed with games, including ones released on the Nintendo platforms… (oh, and the ad lied about them playing Switch games and the like – nice joke there)

soulja boy fuze f2f4

soulja mini 7e6d


Soulja Boy has backed off since, and now, these Chinese consoles aren’t on sale anymore, possibly due to Nintendo threatening him behind the scenes. The joke here is that the rapper got his five minutes of fame again.

Source: DualShockers

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