The First Concept Images Of The Mad Box!

Slightly Mad Studios (Need for Speed Shift, Project CARS) are not joking about their new console – they are already in talks with AMD and NVidia.

Ian Bell, the CEO of the devs, wrote the following on Twitter: „[The console’s] spec[ification]s are incoming. We aren’t using old kit. We’re in talks now to get the very best available when we’re shipping. Lots of considerations, though.” In other words, the Mad Box has no technical details yet, so we don’t know what CPU/GPU it would use when it ships in three years.

Meanwhile, Bell has increased his VR performance promise – the last time we discussed the console, it was promised to have 60 FPS per eye (or 120 internally). Things have changed since then: „We’re going 90 per eye, 180 FPS internally. My CTO (chief technical officer) has just called me and confirmed that’s what we’ll deliver.”

About the concept renders of the Mad Box, Bell said the following: „You want a Mad Box, you’re going to be celebrating it! We are making no stinking black slider to hide away in your rack. We should all be proud of our gaming, we should celebrate it! The best Mad Box selfies we receive will get free games, for life.”

The images are good, though… too bad the console won’t ship in the next three years!

Source: WCCFTech

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