Are Assassin’s Creed III And Assassin’s Creed: Liberation Heading To The Nintendo Switch?

It seems that Ubisoft is planning to bring Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed: Liberation (which initially was a PlayStation Vita-exclusive game) in their re-released form to the portable Nintendo platform.

On Reddit, a topic surfaced about a Czech retailer listing about a possible Nintendo Switch port of Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, which could somewhat confirm the German leaks from December (when the games were also listed for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One). The surprising turn in the Czech retailer leak is that it mentions a release date (February 15), as well as a price (35 euros – about 40 dollars) for the Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed: Liberation Switch ports.

Assassin’s Creed III got a Nintendo Wii U port in 2012, which means it wouldn’t be a dumb idea to port the game over to the Switch, but Assassin’s Creed: Liberation was meant to be a PS Vita-exclusive title before it got brought over to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The alleged release date is here shortly – the French publisher might do a silent release.

Source: VG247


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