The PlayStation 4 Is Another Step Closer To 100 Million!

Sony released its previous fiscal quarter’s (ended on December 31) financial results, and via this document, we learned how well the PlayStation 4 has fared during the Holiday rush.

Sony has reached 94.2 million shipped PlayStation 4s by the end of 2018, and with this number, we can count that in the October-December quarter year, 8.1 million was shipped by the Japanese company. While it sounds like a lot on paper, it’s 0.9 million less year-on-year. (More and more people have a PlayStation 4, which means the expansion could be improved by other factors, such as a price cut – towards the end of a console generation, such a „slope” is common.) In this quarter year, 87.2 million games were sold, which, however, is 0.7 million than in the 2017 Holiday rush! 37% of the games were sold digitally (PlayStation Store), which is higher than the previous year’s ratio of 28%. In average, a sold console got 10.7 games, which is a good figure.

In one year, Sony gathered 2.1 million more PlayStation Plus subscribers (who will get PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games the last time in February…), reaching 36.3 million by the end of 2018.

Sony still hasn’t changed their expectations: in the current fiscal year (April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019), they expect 17.5 million PlayStation 4 units to be shipped. With the nearly one-million drop in the Christmas rush, this target seems harder to reach than before.

94.2 million. By the summer, we believe that Sony could hit the 100-million barrier, which not a lot of consoles could reach before! (Wii: 101.63 million, PS1: 102.49 million, Game Boy+Game Boy Color: 118.69 million, Nintendo DS: 154.02 million, PlayStation 2: 155+ million!)

Source: Gematsu, Wikipedia

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