Electronic Arts And Activision Blizzard Get Negative Spotlight!

While both companies have executed layoffs during February, there are still people who get a lot (and we do mean A LOT) of money.

As You Sow, a non-profit advocacy group has published its 2019 „Most Overpaid CEOs” report, which you can find here, and on it, you can find Bobby Kotick and Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts and Activision (Blizzard), respectively.

They base their estimates on the yearly earnings of a CEO with a calculation that considers the account shareholder returns as well. Bobby Kotick is the 45th on the list – he has an annual pay of 28+ million dollars, which, according to As You Sow, is overpaid by almost 13 million. Meanwhile, Andrew Wilson is barely on the list (98th place) with his 35 million+ salary, which has an excess of about 19 million. (That doesn’t make much sense: Wilson gets paid more and is overpaid more, and yet, he’s lower on the list? Do they consider the company’s performance, too?)

The median ratio between a company’s CEO and its median worker is 142:1. However, the two companies’ ratio is higher: Activision Blizzard‘s is 301:1, and Electronic Arts‘ is 371:1, respectively. Also, As You Sow’s list, in general, used a 300:1 ratio.

The negative spotlight is for a good reason: both companies laid off people in February. If the CEOs got paid less, maybe people wouldn’t have had to be fired…

Source: GameSpot

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