The Fans Can Help With The Concept Of The Next Forza Motorsport!

Turn 10‘s next Forza Motorsport title will be developed with the fans’ opinion kept in mind.

In the newest Forza Monthly podcast, Dan Greenawalt, Turn 10‘s creative director, revealed a few details that effectively confirm that despite a usual biannual schedule for Forza Motorsport title, the next one will not come in 2019, as the team is about to enter the game’s concept phase, meaning the game is likely going to launch in 2020, potentially as a launch title on the next-gen Xbox.

„[…] In the past, that concept phase would be kind of subterranean. We’d kind of do it with ourselves, we’d work with our dev partners, and we’d bounce our concepts off ourselves. But we’re going to be doing it differently this time. We want to do it in public. We want to do it with our fans. Does that mean early rollouts? I don’t know. And that’s really what it comes down to: I don’t know. But the big news is the team is transitioning its weight. We’re moving our weight over to this new project we’re working on and we’re doing it in a new way. We can listen to the team, open conduit, we want our players to go to Discord, get involved with us, to really be part of this process with us, to make their voice heard. And we, together, will shape the future of automotive entertainment,” Greenawalt said.

It’s a decent idea – on paper, it sounds good if the fans get involved with a game’s development. (Project CARS was a good example of it as well!) You can join the Forza Discord here, but this involvement might mean no more than early access. That’s been a trend nowadays…

Source: WCCFTech

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