An Arrest for Possession of Cocaine Paralyzes the Distribution of Judgment in Japan

Actor Pierre Taki has been arrested for alleged drug use. Sega studies what to do.

The possession and consumption of narcotics is a very serious crime in Japan. So much so, that the last video game of Sega, Judgment, has departed from the physical and digital market after the arrest of Pierre Taki for alleged cocaine use. As explained by the portal Gematsu, Taki plays the captain of the Matsugane family, Kyohei Hamura, and it seems that his voice and credits in the game are a real headache for the Japanese editor, who has not been slow to make a press release explaining the situation.

“Sega has received the arrest reports and is confirming the facts, but for the time being, we will abstain voluntarily from Judgment’s digital and physical sales,” he explains, “or the promotion of the game on our official website.” We apologize for any inconvenience, that this can cause to the clients as well as to the involved parts “. It is expected that the editor after Sonic or Yakuza makes a decision in the next few hours. It is very likely that he will double Hamura again and move Taki away from the credits of the game.

Sega already dealt with a similar problem with the rerun of Yakuza 4 on PS4. According to the Gematsu portal, one of its protagonists, Masayoshi Tanimura, had a new voice in its re-release for PS4 in Japan after the accusation of cocaine consumption in 2016 by actor Hiroki Narimiya. Judgment was released exclusively for PS4 last December. Can it be a stumbling block for Judgment’s arrival in Europe or America next June 25? It is likely that should a Japanese dub involve a problem, just launch it in English, so it should not affect the premiere of the title in the West.

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