Anthem’s Bug Shenanigans Continue! [VIDEO]

Anthem‘s Reddit has two popular topics at the moment.

Each topic discusses a different bug. One bug that seemingly has been available in the game for over two and a half weeks makes you stronger if you apply weaker items to your Javelin. According the comment, the patch scales our damage (regardless if it’s melee or weapon-based) via our average level of our equipment. The problem is that if you remove a part, Anthem does not count with a zero on said body part/equipment, but instead, it leaves that out of the equation altogether. It means we can be ridiculously strong (less lower-level equipment, bigger average due to the faulty system), but we might have limitations, such as low HP. Still, that’s an F for maths, Anthem!

The other bug simply made us roll under the table in laughter. One Javelin, the Storm, allows you to be effectively immortal! All you have to do is switch weapons right after activating your ultimate skill. It will cancel out your „ult” but it will max out your armour, your HP, and your jetpack’s cooldown time resets as well (meaning you can use it indefinitely!). And you can do it as many times as you want, just have your ultimate meter on maximum. You don’t even need good reaction time either!

Anthem‘s problems thus continue. We cannot understand how the second one got through QA – How did BioWare and Electronic Arts skip this bug?! How?

Source: PCGamer

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