Is Resident Evil 3 Remake NOT Being Developed By Capcom?

It seems that Capcom might not be responsible for developing the rumoured remake of Resident Evil 3.

AestheticGamer 1 has written a few interesting thoughts on Twitter: „The [Resident Evil] series will be kinda „unofficially” almost annual for the next few years, though of course as game development goes anything could be delayed. For example, RE8 got a bit delayed and I can say to you now that you shouldn’t expect it until next-gen is on the table. What is on the table is the Resident Evil 3 Remake, but it’s… not what a lot of people are probably going to expect. It’s not being made by the same team that made the Resident Evil 2 Remake, in fact, it’s not even being internally developed by Capcom Division 1 at all. Who is developing it is very interesting, but for another day, it’ll be coming about a lot sooner than people probably are expecting. […]”

Let’s quickly look at these thoughts, which are not confirmed, so please take them with a huge grain of salt. So, Resident Evil 8 might be in development, and it could be a next-gen launch title, which isn’t too shabby of an idea. However, the Resident Evil 3 Remake situation is more interesting: it’s not being made by Capcom!? Then who is developing it, and when it will come? It would be amazing if Capcom pulled it out by the end of 2019…

Still, it’s hard to believe it all.

Source: Jeuxvideo-Live

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