Remedy: Control Is Going Back To Being Weird!

Remedy (Max Payne 1-2, Quantum Break) returns to the roots with the weirdness.

Eurogamer interviewed Mikael Kasurinen, one of the directors of Control, at the Game Developers Conference. He confirmed that Quantum Break was a bit of mainstream detour for the Finnish devs…

„Let’s be honest, we’re not one of the massive studios around the world, but we’re still independent. This is our own IP, we decide what’s going to happen with it. The smartest thing for us is to do what we believe in, be ready to be a bit weird, be controversial even – let’s try to make a statement than play it safe. That’s part of the exhale after Quantum Break. Control is very much an expression of that.

With Quantum Break we talked about wanting to – for the lack of a better word – be mainstream. We carefully chose things and maybe sometimes avoided certain things we love. We were anxious about being too weird. We played it safe with Quantum Break in many ways. After coming out from it we felt we wanted to do something different. We wanted to get weird again.

You can look back at Quantum and say, maybe it’s the farthest we’ve gone regarding storytelling. There are a live action TV show, extremely long, complicated cinematics, really elaborate facial animation systems. It’s as far as we could go with storytelling from a visual perspective. This [Control] is us taking gameplay and a complicated universe and an open-ended experience and going as far as we can from a Remedy perspective regarding those,” Kasurinen said.

Control will have multiple versions – the image below details the PlayStation 4 version. All four versions (retail standard, digital standard, retail exclusive, digital deluxe) will have the Tactical Response Gear outfit, and the crafting resources pack if you pre-order. On the launch day, you’ll have the rare weapon and player mod, the Astral Dive Suit outfit, as well as the static The Explorer and The Black Rock Quarry PlayStation 4 themes. Buying Control digitally will get you the Control avatar and The Shifting Place dynamic PlayStation 4 theme. The retail exclusive version comes in a Futurepak metal packaging with five artwork cards, and the digital deluxe version will come with an exclusive side mission (Isolation), the Urban Response outfit, as well as the two expansions called The Foundation and Awe, which are sold separately for the other three editions.

Control will launch on August 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, where it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year…

Source: WCCFTech


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