Xbox Game Pass Ultimate seems to be real: joins Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold

Multiple media bet on the veracity of this apparent leak.

They say that “when the river sounds, water carries” and the union between Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold has long been ringing between rumours. The last of these comes from the Twitter user h0x0d, a well-known filter that yesterday spoke of this new service, called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, also attaching the price of the subscription.

Although we can not guarantee the validity of this possible leak, several media such as Thurott or The Verge claim to have heard this from other sources (not disclosed), so it seems inevitable that it ends up becoming reality.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would have a cost of $ 14.99 per month, which represents a saving of approximately $ 5 per month if we combine the current price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. In addition, The Verge notes that Microsoft will unveil this service this month along with the rumoured Xbox One S without disk reader (Xbox One All-Digital) , a machine that seems to come as a glove to Game Pass Ultimate.

Source: The Verge

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