Is Sony Preparing VR-Friendly Prescription Glasses?

Siliconera has found a patent, which was filed in December 2017 (and published last week), which might be an exciting solution to those who wear glasses but still want to experience virtual reality.

The glasses’ improvement would be the eye-tracking technology. If the VR headset that we would have on our head notices that we use glasses, then it would send an „encrypted signal” to disable the headset’s „gaze detection function.” Instead, the headset would wirelessly receive the gaze data by utilising the glasses’ eye-tracking sensor, and thus, the image frame processor would accordingly adjust the image frames for us.

It’s definitely a function planned for the next PlayStation VR, as the current model, which launched in 2016 (and has received since a minor, but not a significant facelift), does not have eye-tracking technology built in. Still, it’s interesting that the next-gen VR headset could come with prescription glasses to have the eye-tracking sensor on that.

It could work if the device will have a respectably low price (and this applies to the virtual reality devices as well in general), but since it’s still in the future, we can only guess about things. Still, we can say that Sony tries to do new things.

The next-gen PlayStation VR hasn’t been announced yet, but going by the trademarks and patents, we can safely say that Sony is neck-deep into the next generation already. Perhaps we could hear about the new VR headset in about 2020.

Source: VG247

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