Elvis Accuses CD Projekt RED With Plagiarism! [VIDEO]

The Polish dev team could get into trouble with a song.

A Croatian composer by the name of Elvis Stanić has commented on this website about how his composition, called Naranča (Orange), is possibly used without his permission by CD Projekt RED in The Witcher 3. „I’m addressing all the fans of The Witcher 3, which includes, among other things, my song Orange, aka Widow-Maker. You’ve probably noticed that last year the song was” missing “from the soundtrack of the song tracking software and with all the streaming and download the CD Projects have warned that the problem is likely to be a violation of the copyright of Croatian author Elvis Stanić, and that is true, but despite the warnings my lawyers sent to the CD Project, the CD Project ignored the warning, removed the song but continued to release it unlawfully a song about vinyl releases, a total of ten releases on which my song Naranca is, has been illegally renamed to Widow-Maker and signed by Mikolai Stroinski, Marcin Przybyłowicz, namely, the original composition of Orson’s song for the Croatian vocal composition of Putokazi 2000, and duly registered with the competent Croatian (ZAMP) and the International Authors’ Center (CISAC).

I recently reported and will continue to report to Youtube all the videos containing my song Orange if it is stated that it is a traditional Croatian song or is listed under the name Widow-Maker and incorrectly signed by the names Mikolai Stroinski, Marcin Przybyłowicz since this leads to gross distortion exclusively of my copyright. As a composer, I’m delighted to have my song found in such a popular game and have so many fans and dresses, but she was stolen, her name was unauthorized, and I was subjected to enormous damage as an exclusive author,” a Google translation is found on ResetEra – the Orson doesn’t seem to make much sense, but you can understand the gist of the comment. Let’s take a look at the two videos, then we’ll continue:

While Naranča does sound like a folk song (lyrics can be found here), ResetEra also says that the composer is Elvis Stanić (who has composed the song in the middle of the 90s), so it’s questionable why he doesn’t accuse Percival, the band behind a lot of the music in The Witcher 3‘s soundtrack, instead of CD Projekt RED? Maybe he sees more money from the devs. (But at this rate, the Presley family could sue him for using the name Elvis…)

Things turn interesting at the point where CD Projekt RED has removed the song from everywhere on social media, which possibly means Percival has been kicked in the ample posterior, and they might even have to pay the charges themselves at this point…

Source: ResetEra

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