Assassin’s Creed Unity could be key to rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral

The spectacular 1: 1 recreation of the church in the Ubisoft video game set in Paris could end up being fundamental.

Although at a playable level has questionable aspects and is the most discussed installment of the entire series, Assassin’s Creed Unity does an amazing job in everything related to the recreation of Paris and, how could it be otherwise, one of the star points It was his Notre Dame cathedral .

This is assured, at least, by the BusinessInsider portal, which explains the incredible work carried out by Ubisoft when it comes to recreating not only the entire city, but in particular the church itself with a 1: 1 reproduction of its impressive construction.

They are based to assure it in an interview of The Verge with one of the artists of levels of the game, Caroline Miousse, that explains that there was a work of documentation so absolutely brutal behind his back that could be taken advantage of now for the reconstruction. “He made a lot of photos to nail the architectural aspect of the building, and he worked with texture artists to make sure that each brick was where it should be”, you could read in that article.

It is not the first videogame of the Assassin’s Creed saga to offer immaculate recreations of cities or vintage environments, and that is a franchise that lends itself to carry out fascinating works in this regard. This is the first time, that yes, that could be overturned all his monstrous documentation in a reconstruction application of this type.

It should be remembered, though, that the game is on the lips of many fans right now, and that Assassin’s Creed Unity players have honored Notre Dame in the most surprising ways yesterday, after the fire of the representative Parisian monument.

Source: Business Insider

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