Is The PlayStation Plus Getting A New Function?

As the PlayStation Plus subscribers only get two games (as there are no more PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles, which could have been available on the PlayStation 4 as well via cross-buy), it was about time that Sony stepped up and did something about it…

Surprisingly, our local PlayStation Facebook page, PlayStation Hungary, has published a post that says the following: „Soon, it will be even better to be a PlayStation Plus member… we’ll be back with the details shortly!” Aside from the „shortly” word (in Hungarian, it means more like immediately, which did not happen – what a PR move, lol), it’s curious to see what Sony could pull out of its hat soon.

We don’t know what Sony is planning, but seeing how we’re in the middle of April, we might get to see this new deal come into action from May, with Sony hoping to restore its name. Will we get more PlayStation 4 games? Will the subscribers get more PlayStation Store discounts? We’re merely guessing here.

Rewards. (That’s what jutalmak means in Hungarian.) Is it a way to reward old subscribers? If so, what will the rewards be? We might learn more soon.

Source: Facebook

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