World War Z exceeds sales expectations, one million units!

The exclusivity with Epic Games Store on PC “has not affected sales,” says Saber Interactive.

Since a few days ago it is available in stores World War Z, the adaptation to the video game of the film of the same name by Marc Forster. According to Matthew Karch, president of Saber Interactive, the title has performed surprisingly well and it has taken just a week to sell its first million copies.

According to the words collected by Gaming Bolt, WWZ enjoys good reception even beyond the United States, its main market; something that we can check if we stick to the top UK sales this week. The proportion of copies sold appears (without exact numbers) distributed in a similar way in PC, PS4 and Xbox One; and it does not seem that the fact of having opted for exclusivity with Epic Games Store has had a negative impact on sales.

In World War Z, we choose an avatar from different groups of survivors and we team up with the AI ​​or with up to three more players to deal with huge masses of zombies, but we also have the possibility of facing each other in the competitive multiplayer.

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