Death Stranding: New Details From The Tribeca Film Festival!

Hideo Kojima has attended the Tribeca Film Festival, and a ResetEra user has recapped what he said about Death Stranding.

Kojima reiterated that Death Stranding is an open-world action game, and he also emphasised that it will bring something new to the genre. He used the Internet as a metaphor to say that connection will be a big theme in the game, as the player will be alone (causing solitude), but they will be trying to connect. „Connection” will be essential in both the gameplay and story – everyone will be connected, and Kojima was visibly enthusiastic about this subject, but he couldn’t say much more: „I don’t want to be disconnected from Sony,” he said.

He also asked a question: „To connect is the same as disconnecting in a way; is connecting correct? Is it better to disconnect?” He wants players to think about this theme in both their lives and in the world, and he brought up dating and European politics as examples.

The Japanese genius said it’s difficult to tell a story in an open-world game because you have to balance the player’s freedom of movement with the plot: you must go in a certain direction to learn more about the story, but he also wants players to feel like they are making the choice to do so.

He also talked about working with Hollywood actors. Although he can create 100 per cent of what he wants with CG (computer graphics), it limits him to what is in his head, but real actors can surprise him with added depth. He said he cannot go back to the days before motion capture, and he expressed again that he wants to create games until he dies. Norman Reedus, who plays protagonist Sam in Death Stranding, said that players will cry when playing the game, meaning we will get emotionally invested.

Kojima also said we might see more of Death Stranding in a month or so, meaning the PlayStation 4-exclusive game (which still has no release date announced) could be shown at Sony‘s E3 replacement event…

Source: Gematsu

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