Warner’s And Rocksteady’s Justice League Game Is All But Confirmed!

The Justice League game was confirmed by a new employee, who – as we have seen this scenario about a million times… – got caught, deleted his original post, then republished it, albeit a little too late…

Rocksteady has been silent for a long time about what they could be developing, but we have discussed several rumours recently, including once that Warner might be announcing a game set in the DC universe on June 4. (However, that one could be WB Montreal’s game – the team, who previously made Batman: Arkham Origins, might be making another Batman game, though, according to other rumours… Hmm.)

Well, their newest employee might have spoiled their plans. Eddie Stubbington wrote the following: „Sooo… I guess now is a good time to say next week I’m joining the awesome team at Rocksteady in the QA [Quality Assurance] Team.” The tweet isn’t suspicious, but the GIF attached to it – which showed the Justice League – was. Not to mention the fact that he deleted it, wrote the same thing, but used another GIF (which shows Jonah Hill screaming). Eddie, it’s futile, so let’s just say the usual in chorus: the Internet doesn’t forget!

So Rocksteady might be staying in the DC universe after the Batman: Arkham titles, and we are just half a step away to see Warner and Rocksteady announce what they are developing. As we’re getting closer to the E3 without Sony this year, we might see the rumours and leaks more and more in the next weeks, so keep an eye on them.

However, if Rocksteady does make a Justice League game (possibly cloning the Destiny formula…?), we have to ask: is it going to be available on the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation, or will it remain the usual PlayStation 4 and Xbox One duo aside from the PC? We might get our answers in the following weeks.

Source: Jeuxvideo-Live

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