Is A New Contra Game Announcement Coming At E3?

Konami might be unexpectedly pulling out one of its older franchises – Contra, which had a bit of Hungarian involvement as well in the past.

A German retailer, NetGames () is listing a new Contra title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The release date – which is September 29 – shouldn’t be taken seriously, as it’s a Sunday, and nobody releases games that day (maybe except for a few Steam titles?). However, it might not be a new game: the Japanese company might pull the Castlevania card!

What do we mean by that? Recently, Konami released Castlevania Anniversary Collection on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. They put multiple titles into the collection, but let’s not discuss the quality. There’s also a PlayStation 4-only Castlevania Requiem Collection, containing Symphony of the Night, and Rondo of Blood. Konami might be doing something similar with the -mostly – side-scrolling shoot’em up games, which started on the NES (okay, there was an arcade version, too). In Europe, the first three games, as well as the Mega Drive title, ran under the name Probotector, replacing the humans with robots due to violence-related regulations.

What’s the Hungarian involvement? In the late 90s, two 3D PS1 games were developed for Contra. Contra: Legacy of War was developed by Appaloosa Interactive (which you might know better as Novotrade…) – the two designers were László Szenttornyai and Zoltán Győrfi. The sequel, C: The Contra Adventure, was also partially developed by Hungarians. Unfortunately, we had no involvement in the 2D games.

So – if NetGames isn’t lying – we might either get a new Contra game (Contra 5? Contra 4 came out on the DS…), or a re-release collection. As the franchise has a lot of success in the past, it might not be a dumb idea to pull the series out.

Source: TwistedVoxel

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