Enter The Gungeon And Toonstruck Are Both Free! [VIDEO]

After E3, you can kick back and relax with two games this weekend – one of them is considered an absolute classic!

The first free game we discuss is Enter The Gungeon, a top-down view rogue-like shooter, which might remind you a bit of Hotline Miami as well. We have to mention something that we didn’t say before: you can access the game via the Epic Games Store by either clicking here or if you access it through the Epic Games Store Launcher – the new tidbit here is that until now, Tim Sweeney’s digital games store gave a freebie away every two weeks. This is no longer the case: now there will be one free game each week, so you can add Enter The Gungeon to your collection until June 20. (We can also tell you the next freebie after it: it will be Double Damage’s Rebel Galaxy!)

We can call the other game a classic for a good reason, and not just because it came out in the Fall of 1996! Nope: Burst Studios’ Toonstruck, which is mostly a hand-drawn, but FMV-having adventure game, became successful and popular very quickly. Its protagonist, Drew Blanc, was formed (and FMV-d) by none other than Christopher Lloyd, who you might recall as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future trilogy. You can get this game for free via GOG. You have to scroll a bit down to the banner, but you’ll find it. Make sure to hurry up, as the free deal ends on June 16 at 7 AM Pacific/10 AM Eastern/4 PM Europe time.

Both freebies need an account (so you’ll need both an Epic Games Store and a GOG account, but the latter allows you to simply download the installer anyway), but it’s common nowadays.

Have fun!

Source: VG247, PCGamer

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