Virtual Reality: Microsoft Still Does Not Consider It a Priority

Matt Booty says virtual reality is a technology that has not been consolidated.

As part of the round table of which he starred in E3 2019, Matt Booty, head of the Xbox studios, touched on the subject of virtual reality. The director said that, although Microsoft already has studies that could support this technology, as a brand they consider it a proposal that has not been consolidated, so it is not a priority.

“Virtual reality has not taken off yet, so for the moment we feel that what we are doing with Windows Mixed Reality, with HoloLens, that is covering virtual reality for us at the moment and if it ends up taking off, I’m sure we have teams able to support the VR and we also have very interesting things like the ones we announced with Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality game, where you use your phone to bring the world of Minecraft to life, so we have some projects in motion, it’s just that at the moment the VR has not consolidated so much, so it’s not a focus. In addition, we have so many things at this time that VR is not a priority for us. “Booty concluded.

Virtual reality, as video game technology, has seen a resurgence for some years, with exponents such as Oculus, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive, well established on the horizon. In fact, Sony announced a couple of months ago that it has sold 4.2 million PlayStation VR equipment from 2016 to date; However, Microsoft’s approach to this technology has been alternative or tangential. In 2015, Microsoft announced cooperation with Oculus, but without entering fully into the development of games.

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