DeepNude: An Aberrant Application Undresses Woman With Artificial Intelligence

TECH NEWS – Remove women’s clothes in a photo with a simple touch. That’s the horrible idea behind DeepNude, a software that uses artificial intelligence to undress women in the blink of an eye. The result is so realistic that it is scary. And it’s not just the result that’s scary …. It’s a real and unacceptable breach of privacy.

Any woman can be a victim of “x-rays” of DeepNude. Just have a picture of a person – with the least amount of clothing if possible – and download it. From there, the software creates a new image, generated by algorithms, of the woman deprived of any clothing and in which the breasts and the vagina of the protagonist in question can be clearly seen. And all in less than a minute.

Women are the only target of DeepNude …. so far! If you try with a photo of a man, the experience does not work. However on the web, we can already read that they work on male nudes. Just as scandalous.

DeepNude was launched on June 23 as a page but it is via a Windows and Linux application where the user can download the images of who he wants. The porn revenge, or pornodivulgation in French, is asleep easier than ever …

Katelyn Bowden, founder and executive director of Badass, an anti-porn vengeance activist, told Motherboard, “It’s absolutely terrifying, anyone can be a victim of pornographic revenge, without having nude photo. This technology should not be accessible to the public.

Even if you do not see real breasts or vaginas, users think they are seen naked. Something unacceptable. We are definitely facing a new form of these famous and dangerous deepfakes.

Until a few days ago, anyone who wanted to see anyone naked had to pay $ 50, but probably because of the high demand now you have to pay $ 99.99. By paying this amount, you can access the premium option with which you can better modify the image. However, you can also see nudes for free in the non-paying version, whose images are partly covered with a watermark. La scandale de DeepNude a aboutie

Source: BBC

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