Is Days Gone’s Dev Team Working On Another PlayStation 4 Game?

As Days Gone came out this Spring, Sony Interactive Entertainment Bend Studio now has the capacity to work on a new title… and they are already planning something.

SIE Bend’s LinkedIn page has a job listing for a producer. Let’s see what they wrote: „We are seeking a Producer who will be relied upon to collaborate with senior producers, creative leads, and studio directors to develop, maintain and execute on project planning for your teams. You are the strategic thinker for your team, get out front and lead. The ideal candidate will possess a combination of project management, communication skills and a passion for making games. Help us create our next AAA title that will set the PS4 apart from the rest!”

The question mark in the title was intentional, as Sony already outlined that they are focusing mainly on the next console generation, and thus, the console that will possibly be called the PlayStation 5 instead of the almost six-year-old PlayStation 4. However, it’s possible that SIE Bend Studio cannot talk about its plans, which is why they had to list the PlayStation 4 in the job listing. (If that is not the case, then Sony might have asked the not cream-of-the-crop developer teams to work on another PS4 title so that there would be new games on the „old” console as well while the PlayStation 5 gets off the starting line. Of course, this is just a prediction.)

SIE Bend Studio could either work on a Days Gone sequel, a new IP once again, or they might be returning to their franchise from the 90s, namely Syphon Filter. (And Days Gone is likely set in the same universe as Syphon Filter, after those games.)

They might announce in a year or two what they are doing.

Source: PlayStationLifeStyle

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