Cuphead And Mugman Are Going To Netflix! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – StudioMDHR’s game – after being announced for Tesla cars – is now moving over towards Netflix…

Castlevania, The Witcher, Dragon’s Dogma – these are already announced Netflix adaptations. The Legend of Zelda – this one was rumoured to get a series going. Cuphead – this one was announced the other day to get a Netflix comedy series, which will be called The Cuphead Show!, featuring the two characters with their 1930s animation style.

Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, the creators of the game will be the producers, the executive producers will be C.J. Kettler (Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego), Dave Wasson (Mickey Mouse Shorts), and Cosmo Serguson (the upcoming Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling special). We don’t know the plot or the format yet, but the goal is to expand the universe and the characters. Netflix is openly aiming to get more gamers to subscribe to the service with such IP adaptations.

Cuphead‘s The Delicious Last Course DLC was also delayed from 2019 to 2020 recently. „We’ve been hard at work cooking up a brand new isle full of delectable adventures for Cuphead and Mugman to gnaw on, with a dollop of new weapons, a dash of new charms, and giant helping of spicy new bosses. At the centerpiece of this feast is the premiere of Ms. Chalice, a new playable character with a brand new twist on the classic Cuphead move set,” the trailer’s description says.

One more detail about Cuphead: it’s sold more than four million copies! It’s likely been pushed by the recently released Nintendo Switch port, and who knows where the two characters would be if it was launched on the PlayStation 4 as well aside from the Xbox One and PC? They will crack five million with The Delicious Last Course DLC. The game’s good – we liked it, too.

Source: WCCFTech, DualShockers

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