Why Are There Boxes Under Borderlands 2’s Maps? [VIDEO]

Gearbox’ senior programmer, Kyle Pittman, has explained several oddities in the newest Boundary Break video about Borderlands 2, which first came out in 2012 on PS3, X360, and PC.

We learned that the characters’ intros happen in the game’s world. If we zoom out (why not? the Unreal Engine 3 allows it easily), we can see that the character backgrounds are just textures that disappear after the intro ends. You can see it in the video at around 9:30.

There are also empty boxes far under the maps, seen around at seven minutes in the video below. These have a good reason to be in the game: „If you travel from one map to another, and then also if you die and respawn…we take your player character and move them down to these regions. This is just a way that we can get the player character out of the game world and into a safe space,” Pittman explains. The boxes started as a bugfix in the first Borderlands (which came out nearly ten years ago – Pittman worked on it, too), as moving between the levels, the player’s vehicle could fall through the world [which is a glitch even in recent games, too – just think of No Man’s Sky or Mass Effect: Andromeda – the ed.], and by moving them into these boxes, they got rid of the issue.

The video also shows a T-posing Claptrap under a hill right at the start of the game (the designers forgot to remove him), rainbow-coloured boxes (placeholders for assets removed from the game’s world), as well as boxes under the platform for the Angel boss fight (these serve as hidden stands for the shock field generators). There are many more things to see in the nearly twenty-minute video.

Borderlands 3, which is out on September 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store on PC, will likely have similar secrets, which are always good to see.

Source: PCGamer

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