This is No Man’s Sky: Beyond, its largest and most important version to date [VIDEO]

It will introduce features such as an expanded multiplayer or VR support.

A few days ago, Hello Games presented Beyond, the “biggest and most important” update of No Man’s Sky, with a release date: August 14. The news was accompanied by a brief trailer, which its managers have now expanded to show the most outstanding features of this new version of the game.

As explained by those responsible on the official website, Beyond is the result of twelve months of work, unifying several major updates that were originally going to be launched separately. Among these developments, we find an ambitious and renewed multiplayer component, support for virtual reality and a lot of changes in the dynamics of the game, large and small.

We will learn more about these changes in the coming days, but from the PlayStation website, Sean Murray (director of No Man’s Sky) already explains how the new social features of the game will work. “One of the coolest things you’ll find in the trailer is what we call the Nexus, a shared social space that brings people together and lets them play with friends or join random strangers like never before.”

Of course, this new area makes it easier for us to show off our equipment, ships and creations that we are most proud of, something that seems to greatly excite the creative. “The progression of No Man’s Sky is much more significant when you can share it with other explorers, and much more fun when other creations or missions can be shared.”

Although Beyond is undoubtedly a crucial step in the history of NMS, from Hello Games they promise that they will continue to support the game for the foreseeable future. The update will arrive for free next week, although if you want to take advantage of VR compatibility you will need (logically) a compatible device on both PS4 (PSVR) and PC.

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