Halo Infinite Will Surpass Its Predecessors In Every Aspect

According to the head of Xbox Game Studios, there will be multiple gameplay scenarios, as well as a bigger universe in the Halo Infinite.

„I think the first thing that is just very cool about where that game is headed is how they’re thinking about expanding the world, right? I won’t go so far as to say sandbox because you bring up sandbox and people sort of overload that term with a lot of other things. But what the team is doing to build a bigger universe and a bigger set of gameplay scenarios, and just more things to explore, is awesome. And it’s just like the things are working on are cool. The second thing is just as they bring the Slipspace engine up to date with where we’re at, in terms of, you know, graphics these days, there’s just some cool stuff design-wise, it’s been really cool to see them [343 Industries, the developers – the ed.] get back to some of the shape language and design language of some of the earlier Halos. You know, there could be said that Halo when you get into Halo 5[: Guardians], maybe it was getting a little busy, design-wise and it’s cool to just see that. At once, Halo infinite feels more modern and cleaner. But also I think there are stronger echoes back to the roots of Halo. And it’s cool to see that stuff. To boil it down, I would say Halo Infinite is visually impressive and more expansive,” Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, told GameInformer in their newest podcast. He seems to have intentionally avoided the open-world and sandbox terms, as Halo Infinite might follow Metro: Exodus’ formula: linear worlds but with multiple ways to get to the end of the levels.

Halo Infinite is out at the end of 2020 as one of the launch titles of the next-gen Xbox (Project Scarlett), but it will also be available on Windows 10 and Xbox One (where the port is said to be getting love, too – we wrote about this).

Source: WCCFTech

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