The Founder Of Unknown Worlds Apologises To G2A

…but still, Charlie Cleveland, the founder of Unknown Worlds, doesn’t have a good opinion of G2A.

Previously, we wrote about how Cleveland demanded 300K dollars from G2A, as in 2013, they had to pay 30K in credit card chargebacks, and the 10x amount is because G2A offered developers to pay that more money if they are impacted by credit card chargebacks. However, G2A published a post, where they responded to Cleveland by saying that in 2013, the site didn’t even exist yet, adding that the currently known „grey market” site launched in 2014.

The twist in the situation is that G2A’s support website openly claims that the website started in 2013 (!?), while the company itself claims to be founded in 2010 (???), so it’s not that easy to follow the early days of G2A. The site causes a lot of headache for indie developers, which is why some of them openly asked us to pirate their games instead of buying them from G2A.

This is why Charlie Cleveland apologized – he told Kotaku the following: „It does appear that G2A is right. They weren’t the source of these original $30k keys [for Natural Selection 2]. It doesn’t LOOK like they were selling grey-market keys at the time we had all those chargebacks. But they’ve been doing it ever since.” Still, Cleveland doesn’t have a good opinion of G2A, regardless of when the company started – he doesn’t tolerate its business model, and he asked them multiple times to take down Unknown Worlds’ games from their store: „They’ve never done it. They just change the conversations to us selling our keys formally through them.”

It’s weird to see three alleged start dates for the company (2010, 2013, 2014), which continues to cause problems for indie developers.

Source: VG247

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