Another Xbox Game Will Show Up On The Nintendo Switch

There were already examples of Microsoft and Nintendo working together (previously, they promoted cross-play in Minecraft in a joint advertisement, while Sony wasn’t into the subject yet), so the relationship between the two companies are still good.

„We’re going to see another Microsoft / Xbox first game at the IndieWorld Direct on Monday. So far we’ve had Minecraft, Cuphead and Super Lucky’s Tale that have been Xbox exclusives come to [the Nintendo] Switch. If you’ve been following rumours/leaks you can probably guess this one.

Two games will be shadow dropped. Both games are Hot. We’ll also get solid 2019 release dates for Creature in the Well, Blasphemous, Northgard, Trine 4, One Finger Death Punch 2, Skellboy and a few others. [There will be] 2019 and 2020 release windows for other games. Worth a watch,” Daniel Ahmad, Niko Partners’ senior analyst, wrote on Twitter. He tends to have a lot of insider information.

Previously, there were rumours about the Xbox Game Pass and Ori and the Blind Forest showing up on the Nintendo Switch (which already received an updated version with a better battery, and the Lite model is coming in a month, too). Neither has happened yet. One of the „Hot” games will be Superhot, as this successful game (which even got a VR version) received an update on the Switch without it being announced yet. Ori and the Blind Forest and Superhot seem the most plausible „Hot” titles.

So the Nintendo Switch is getting stronger and stronger in terms of its game library, and games from Microsoft could also boost it in the future. Nintendo’s and Microsoft’s relationship seem good (they never considered each other a direct competitor), and it seems to be impacting the Switch game library positively.

Source: VG247

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