A New Director At The Helm of the Uncharted Movie… Again

MOVIE NEWS – We have to ask this question seriously now: will the Uncharted movie adaptation EVER be done?

Initially, it seemed that Shawn Levy, the executive producer of Stranger Things, would be the director of the Uncharted film, which was announced ten years ago, giving us hope that perhaps he can bring Nathan Drake’s story to the big screen. But we were wrong – he decided to move on and direct Free Guy (which is about someone who discovers he’s actually an NPC living in an open-world game – it will debut in July). Then, his position was taken over by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane), but it seems that he’s also unrelated to the movie anymore, according to Deadline.

Deadline reports that the producers are already looking for a replacement, as the film’s production should begin in early 2020, and the script, which we discussed before, is ready at this point. The site adds that PlayStation Productions, which we mentioned when it was formed, would have Uncharted as its first produced film. This company is meant to bring Sony’s IPs to the cinema and television. Nathan Drake is still going to be portrayed by Tom Holland, and rumours say that Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad might also play a role in it.

It’s a huge facepalm for Sony, as they announced the film ten years ago, and back then, Uncharted was at its second game, and since then, it got two more main episodes, plus Lost Legacy on the PlayStation 4 and Golden Abyss on the PlayStation Vita (which also came, failed in the West, and died). Ten years is a huge period, no matter what. So after all this, we’re going as far and say that Uncharted is effectively the film industry’s Duke Nukem Forever at this point…


Source: WCCFTech

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