Valve Stayed Silent On Purpose After Metro Exodus’ Epic Games Store Turn

Their statement has backfired, and they didn’t want more of those „lightning rods” with more games that decided to go for the Epic Games Store.

Metro Exodus was the first major game that instead of launching on Steam, it picked up some money bags and go for Tim Sweeney’s Epic Games Store. Valve had a statement about this move, which is now regretted by the company. Valve‘s Nathaniel Blue has talked about the subject to Kotaku.

„I don’t think that was our intent to upset people. It wasn’t the intent of the message. It was more about the timing. The game was about to launch, and then it was [exclusive to the Epic store]. So that was the only goal of that. What came out of that was not what we expected. It wasn’t meant to be this lightning rod. I don’t know that we’d go back in time and change it necessarily, but I can say that in the future we didn’t say anything. In the future, we didn’t continue to do that because our goal is not to upset the community or light anyone’s hair on fire. Our goal is to get developers close to customers, have a really valuable place for people to play games, and stay focused on that,” Blue said. „We think the decision to remove the game is unfair to Steam customers, especially after a long pre-sale period,” Valve’s statement said. They had a point, but Shenmue III’s EGS turn caused more of a scandal (as the Kickstarter promised Steam keys at the time…).

There’s another recent game that ditched Steam in favour of the Epic Games Store for a whole year just mere weeks before it launched. It’s a game that is going to get a review shortly (it needs to be translated, but it’s five pages long) – WRC 8 moved to the Epic Games Store in late August, and it was released last week…

Source: Gamesindustry

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