Red Dead Redemption PC Fan Project Has Been Halted!

As expected, Take-Two immediately jumped on the Red Dead Redemption PC Fan Project case, stopping its development at the earliest possible moment.

We previously wrote about A Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhanced Project, and already THERE, we said it’s just a matter of time when Take-Two puts the brakes on it. It happened. „Please note [that the] project [is] halted. [An] update video will be made and will explain [everything]. I’m not very happy. Please understand for the time being all will be explained. I can’t [say what happened] but you know who had a hand in this halt. I rather not speak more as they warned me to be hush but come on, really? People already will know if it gets shut down out of nowhere. Just gonna put it like that if you get the drift or not. But yeah, usual corporate greed thinks they can bully you. For legal purposes, the project is a ‘Mod’. And will use [the] existing game with tweaked stuff and new textures and some updated models here and there, but ‘Media’ caused this to begin with. They click-baited calling it something it isn’t for clicks and views.

My case is pretty strong and could win and change their mind. They [have] done shady stuff getting my private info and contacted my family. I’ve been contacting people to spread the word. I’m not letting them bully me and keep my mouth shut. I complied and stopped progress but hopefully I can sort out this,” DamnedDev wrote on the GTAForums.

Take-Two did NOT order a cease-and-desist on Red Dead Redemption PC Fan Project, though. Their legal representative did ask in an email to halt the development of the project, which initially was announced to „remaster and optimise the game” on Windows x64 platforms. (So where was the media lying, again?)

Take-Two’s spying and family visiting approach is intolerable, and this is not the first case they did it. Earlier this year, they pushed SupMatto, who they alleged to leak Borderlands 3, to the trackside. (We wrote about that before.)

Source: PCGamer


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