[TGS 2019] Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Will Cover The Entire Series [VIDEO]

This time, a Dragon Ball Z game (developed by CyberConnect2, who formerly worked on a lot of Naruto games) will not cover just a portion of the anime, which consisted of 291 episodes, but the full series, as yesterday, a teaser video has shown up with the Buu saga, which is at the end of the series.

With this teaser, we can effectively expect Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to have fusions, where two characters form a new one together. (However, in our country, the series were taken off the air in 1999 less than halfway in when Trunks cut Frieza in half. Since then, it got aired on television, completing the dub in the process.) Despite having Goku’s name in the title, he won’t be the only controllable character in this RPG with fights and melee (we can use other terms as here, as using power blasts are not melee whatsoever, and this applies to the manga and the anime, too…). The end of the Buu teaser (the first embedded video below) also has a release date revealed right at the end of it.

To get the TGS things out of the way (a small turn here: the number of visitors this year was 262076, which is more than 2017 (254311) but less than 2018 (298690); TGS 2020 will be held between September 24 and 27), let’s mention the two Tokyo Game Show stage broadcasts, too. In Bandai Namco’s program, Vegeta got the emphasis (second video; 24:09-24:44 first scene, 26:02-26:55 second scene, 30:21-42:27 gameplay), and in Sony’s stage event, Teen Gohan took the lead (third video; 14:37-19:50 Goku gameplay, 24:43-32:40 Teen Gohan gameplay).

Bandai Namco will launch Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on January 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: VG247, Gematsu,

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