Mortal Kombat 11: A Free Trial And The Terminator [VIDEO]

The Terminator is here to break some balls.

Previously, we wrote about who will be in the first Kombat Pass (season pass) of Mortal Kombat 11. One of those characters will be the Terminator, or, to be more exact, his older T-800 format, which will be in Terminator: Dark Fate. (This film will debut in the United States on November 1.) He looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as expected, but he will NOT be voiced by him! The Terminator will be a tank-like character (unsurprisingly). Separately, he costs 6 dollars, but if you have the 40-dollar Kombat Pass, you’ll get him for free, as well as some alternate Terminator T-800 character skins, a new Cassie Cage (“Cassie Quinn”) character skin inspired by DC villain, Harley Quinn, and the Double Feature Skin Pack, featuring new character skins for Sonya Blade (“Cyborg Hunter”), Kano (“Cash Machine Kano”) and Johnny Cage (“Red Carpet Johnny Cage”). The video shows the T-800 breaking balls, no joke. He’ll be added to the game for Kombat Pass owners on October 8, otherwise, you’ll have to wait a week. We’ll continue after the video.

There will also be some free updates and extras, either available now or soon:


  • Added Tournament Variation (available now) – Third tournament variation added for all characters, which can be used in Kombat League, offline Tournament mode and any match with Kompetitive mode enabled.
  • Kombat League Season 4 (available now) – Next instalment of the seasonal ranked mode, entitled the “Season of Chaos,” is available now, allowing players to compete against other online Kombatants to earn exclusive in-game rewards.
  • Team Raid (coming soon) – New multiplayer Tower coming soon to the Towers of Time mode, where two or three players must work together as a team to complete group challenges and defeat one powerful boss, all at the same time, to earn unique in-game rewards.


There will be a free trial between October 11 and 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It will open all available characters at that point, give access to a bit of the story mode, plus you’ll have access to all multiplayer modes. An Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription will be required for the multiplayer.

Source: WCCFTech

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