Layoffs At Sony: The European Branch Had No Idea About The PlayStation 5’s Plans?

It looks like Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (we’ll shorten it to SIEE from now on) is facing some layoffs, thanks to the usual explanations.

So Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s directors visited SIEE in London on October 8 to announce the restructuring of several divisions, including marketing and public relations, VGC reports citing people with knowledge of the situation. Multiple employees were affected, and there were meetings held for those who have to re-interview to keep their jobs.

The United States-based creative services team also seems to be affected by the layoffs. „I was part of the creative services team at PlayStation that got laid off today. This group of talented and passionate people are out of a job and now looking for work. If you’re hiring for project coordinators, managers, and designers please post below! I hate that this is going to be drowned by the PS5 announcement. For the record also. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED working at PlayStation. It was a dream come true, many people got to see my art through campaigns and such. The people and environment are exactly what makes me and my friends sad to leave. It was a great place to work,” an ex-employee wrote on Twitter.

VGS reports that SIEA’s influence has increasingly grown over Sony Interactive Entertainment in the past year, while the company is heading towards a globalized structure. Until now, each regional branch worked individually, but now, employees from the European branch say that they will have a smaller influence during the PlayStation 5 generation than before. They also seemingly didn’t know about the plans that the US branch had regarding the new information about the PlayStation 5, while the Japanese branch was informed (as their post was published a minute before the US PlayStation Blog’s post.)

So, Europe is getting the short end of the stick again…

Source: Gematsu

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