Nobody Wanted To Deal With The Sex Scenes Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt‘s adult time spending was somewhat of an uncomfortable task for CD Projekt RED.

Jakub Szamalek works at CD Projekt RED as lead writer, and he told Eurogamer at Celsius232, a Spanish sci-fi festival, many things, including the subject of Geralt of Rivia inviting women into his bed, „At one point, a producer came in to the writing room and said, ‘we need 12 cutscenes with sex – who wants to write them?’ Nobody wanted to do it. If I remember correctly, I wrote them all. It was a pretty awkward process for everyone involved. First I had to come up with the scenario, and describe it – and writing it down for other people to comment on was awkward, and then the animation staff had to figure out how to show it and then they have to direct the mo-cap actors, which is awkward, and then the actors have to perform it and deliver the lines, which is also awkward. But sex is awkward anyway so it all works out fine in the end.

For us, the point is, a sex scene should not just be about showing some bodies. People don’t play games to see sex scenes – there are more efficient ways of seeing that, so we always try to infuse the scene with additional reasons – to add some humour, or tell us more about the characters,” Szamalek said.

CD Projekt RED might have the same problem with Cyberpunk 2077, but who knows, maybe they gained experience on how to handle the sex scenes by now. The game is going to launch on April 16 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There will also be a Google Stadia port in 2020, too. (The Stadia will start on November 19 in many Western countries.)

Source: Eurogamer

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