Frostbite Engine Is Too Hard To Manage, Former BioWare General Manager Claims

Aaryn Flynn things that they had issues with Electronic Arts’ Frostbite engine. A lot of them.

„[The Frostbite engine is like] an F1 car. They both require a huge crew of folks to maintain them and get that optimum performance out of them. My experience with it was very much like this: you could do amazing things, go very fast in some elements, but very delicate and very hard to manage. It was getting harder and harder to make the content that people wanted. It was harder and harder to move that content through these pipelines and do things. And even though we had more people—we had more teams, more folks—we were slowing down the rate at which we could build and craft these experiences,” Aaryn Flynn told Gamesindustry at the Reboot Develop Red conference. Flynn was the general manager of BioWare until 2017.

In case you forgot, BioWare used Unreal Engine 3 for the Mass Effect trilogy, and Flynn, who hasn’t talked publicly about the Frostbite engine until now, had experience with EA’s engine aplenty, as after Mass Effect 3, BioWare started using Frostbite for their next game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, which came out in November 2014 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360). Not to mention 2017’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, or this year’s Anthem. The latter has been rumoured to be getting a 2.0 overhaul. (We wrote about this subject before.)

Before the Unreal Engine, BioWare used the Infinity Engine and the Aurora Engine (the former was seen in the first two Baldur’s Gate games for example; the latter was used by Neverwinter Nights), so they have experience in changing technology… but they might have bitten this Frostbite bullet too hard. (Let’s hope BioWare doesn’t end up dead like Visceral…)

Source: PCGamer

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