Slightly Mad Studios Is In New Hands; What Will Happen To Their Console?

Slightly Mad Studios‘ new owners might not continue the team’s console plans.

The new owner of Slightly Mad Studios is Codemasters – the company, who recently worked on GRID, DiRT, and F1 titles have paid thirty million dollars upfront to the previous owners, who might get a total of 65 million USD by the time the acquisition process ends. After the acquisition, Slightly Mad’s 150-person staff will not be cut down, plus they will remain in their headquarters in London.

„Codemasters’ acquisition of [Slightly Mad Studios] will create a global leader in the racing genre. Their focus on AAA quality and the passion that they put into everything they create mirrors our own. Both companies have several world-renowned, successful franchises along with exciting product development pipelines, supported by leading IP and some of the best talents in the gaming industry.

The enlarged Codemasters will have greater scale and reach, diversified, predictable revenue streams and the opportunity to bring outstanding entertainment to a far wider audience. We welcome Ian [Bell, the head of Slightly Mad Studios] and his team to the Codemasters family and can’t wait to start working together to create the future generation of racing franchises,” Frank Sagnier, Codemasters’ CEO, wrote.

Codemasters revealed that Slightly Mad is working on three projects. One of them is the mobile game Project Cars Go. The second one is a licensed game based on a „blockbuster” franchise, which, according to rumours we discussed before, could be a Fast & Furious title. The third game is a continuation of Slightly Mad’s IP, which means Project Cars 3.

Nothing has been said about Slightly Mad’s announced and planned console, the Mad Box. Thus, we suspect that Codemasters might have given up on this plan, as we don’t believe they will continue Ian Bell’s plans unless they do. If that is the case, we’ll gladly eat the humble pie and get back to that subject.

Source: WCCFTech

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