Is Blood And Truth’s Dev Team Developing For The PlayStation VR 2?

Sony‘s London-based studio might be already focusing on the next console generation, or, to be exact, the PlayStation VR 2

Road to VR reports about how Sony’s London team, which recently released Blood and Truth on the PlayStation VR (which is the best-selling VR platform at the moment), is already hinting at something new in several job listings. Something that we can call an open secret, as we have discussed several patents of the PlayStation VR 2 without Sony even officially announcing the new headset! (They only said that the PlayStation 5 will also focus on VR.)

„VR – Tech: Game AI Programmer: PlayStation London Studio is looking for an experienced AI Programmer to join the Gameplay team, working on their next exclusive virtual reality title following the recent launch of Blood & Truth on PlayStation VR.

VR – Tech: Gameplay Programmer: Working with creatives and the wider technical team, you will utilize your experience and passion for developing gameplay, realizing the creative ambition for our next VR title,” the two job listing says.

Blood and Truth released in May on the PlayStation VR, so aside from a recent update, the team now has time and resources to work on their next title. As the PlayStation VR’s launch was already three years ago (and frankly, it’s a weak platform in performance – the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift can provide more, although the PSVR is a cheaper solution), there is indeed the chance that Sony is already developing a new, stronger model.

If the rumours don’t lie, then we can see a PlayStation event in February, where Sony could respond to Microsoft, as they surprisingly revealed the next-gen Xbox (which is just called Xbox to confuse us), or one of its models at least, named Xbox Series X. So the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation VR 2 could both be revealed shortly.

Source: PSU

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