Will The Next Batman Arkham Game Be „Primarily” Next-Gen?

Here’s the other suspicious figure, Batman Arkham game that everyone talks about with no official information lying around…

Aside from the new Assassin’s Creed, the planned Batman Arkham game is something that gets several leaks (and their debunks), possibly causing a few happy moments for Ubisoft and Warner. But let’s see what we got this time around – KC Walsh, who could potentially be an insider, wrote a few things on Twitter: „As much as I want to discuss it I can’t, all I’ll say is, it’s got to be a next-gen game primarily.” We’d guess that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox (Series X) versions would have more functions than the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One ports.

„I’ve heard rumblings, but I’m done speculating on when they reveal that thing, but I’ve also heard it’s not called Legacy anymore (you’ll know why when it’s revealed) but you do still get to play as the Bat Family,” he continued. The game was probably renamed then. The story of the development could be something of a Turkish soap opera at this point. Then, Walsh got asked if the new Batman game will continue either Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight. His answer follows: „I can not say but you’ll be surprised.” So it could be a reboot.

Finally, he also got asked when Warner will reveal the game that has been teased over and over (and it started again recently). Walsh answered: „Honestly, I don’t know, I heard it would be a while and they would keep teasing it as they have been, but with the backlash, I could see them drop it sooner.”

Last week, Warner Bros. Montreal, the devs of Batman: Arkham Origins, shared the next image of Capture the Knight.

And now, we don’t even know the name of the game, but our suspicions of it becoming a next-gen title is slowly getting confirmed. But when will it be revealed? And what is Rocksteady, the team behind all the other Arkham titles except Origins, doing?

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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