Is Sony Not Waiting With The New PlayStation VR Model?

A prominent publisher of VR titles thinks that Sony will double stack.

The PlayStation VR is market-leading hardware. It’s weaker than the competition, but Sony’s virtual reality headset has two advantages. First, it’s cheaper (a PlayStation 4 + PlayStation VR combo cost much less than a beefy PC, and even then, we didn’t consider the price of an Oculus Rift, for example!), plus you can play several great games on the PlayStation 4, which is necessary to play PSVR games. (Although we have heard about several PS4-exclusives that they could get a PC port.) The facts speak for themselves: the PlayStation VR sold more than five million units, and its nearest competitor, the Oculus Rift, barely hit 1.5 million.

The technology evolves, and thus, Sony’s technological disadvantage will be seen more and more (for example, Half-Life: Alyx could show the VR’s possibilities), so they have to do something. Immersive VR Education Ltd. (Apollo 11 VR, Titanic VR), a prominent VR publisher thinks something is happening: „2020 will see Sony release the PlayStation 5 and a new version of the PlayStation VR headset (PSVR), which will further expand the high-end VR user base — the Group intends to support this device with its current suite of showcase software,” their latest fiscal report says.

That means the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation VR could launch SIMULTANEOUSLY at the end of the year. Sony might not copy Microsoft’s mistake in 2013: they forced everyone to buy the new Kinect along with the Xbox One, which raised the price, allowing Sony to run away with the lead at the beginning of the generation.

Also, PlayStation Europe’s Twitter account changed the slogan in their profile. It now says „It’s time to play.” It could be the PlayStation 5’s slogan. Sony might confirm it in February.

Source: WCCFTech, VG247

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