Knights of Light, inspired by The Witcher and Mount & Blade, dates its early access on Steam [VIDEO]

Knights of Light – This open-world action RPG takes PC users to a historic battle in 7th-century Iraq.

“Inspired by The Witcher and Mount and Blade,” this cover letter will arrive this Saturday, February 29, in early access to the open-world action RPG Knights of Light, from Rumbling Games Studio, which leads players to take the role of two elite soldiers in a historic battle of the seventh century in Iraq.

We talked about the game about two years ago, highlighting the ambitious work ahead of those responsible and that now, this week, we can begin to value seriously with its early access in Steam for PC although Knights of Light is expected Do not have your development completed until at least 2022.

One of the highlights of Knights of Light, according to Rumbling Games Studio, will be its huge open world that despite its size and setting In an area usually known for being desert, it promises to have a great variety of landscapes as well as numerous heritage sites to discover, guaranteeing high visual fidelity and an art capable of immersing players in history. Specifically, we talk about the battle of al-Qādisiyyah that resulted in the disintegration of the Sassanid Empire.

Those interested can participate in this key event for the future of the region by taking the reins of two elite soldiers, Qaikaa and Aassem, who despite being brothers have their own combat styles and skills while also having the opportunity to control an entire army in battle.

Knights of Light also appeared at the time with a view to a launch on PS4 and Xbox One of which nothing more has been said at the moment. Finally, it is unknown at what price the title of Rumbling Games Studio will be released on Steam.

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