Star Citizen: Space Needs Survival, Too [VIDEO]

The newest Inside Star Citizen has revealed what kind of survival mechanics will be implemented in the long-awaited game.

Jonny Jacevicius, the senior FPS systems designer, says in the video that Star Citizen is not a survival game in a traditional sense (and he is right about that). Instead, it will include something called „actor status system,” which will cover three things. Namely, our character will require eating, drinking, and proper body temperature. Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be beneficial to send our hero out to a -50 C° frozen land with no protection, and this also applies to a 100 C° planet as well…

We mentioned these extremes for a good reason. The game will include hypothermia and hyperthermia. Hypothermia happens if your body’s temperature drops below 35 C° for a longer period. In the worst-case scenario (under 27 Celsius), your body’s blood circulation or your heart will stop, resulting in death. Hyperthermia happens when your body’s temperature is too high. We’re not talking about high fever, but something worse – essentially, you get „fried,” which could also be deadly. To avoid these conditions, you have to have the right suit. Initially, your vision gets affected, but the situation will be worse if you don’t rectify your situation.

There will also be food and drink buffs. For example, a chocolate bar could have stamina regeneration, while medicine could provide a smaller amount of HP regeneration. Because of these, it sounds like we might have an inventory issue, or, in other words, „what the f___ do I need to leave to have enough space?”, as we’re likely not going to have unlimited inventory space.

Star Citizen, which has received tens of millions in crowdfunding, still has no set release date yet. It also applies to its single-player spin-off, Squadron 42.

Source: PCGamer

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