Get free with these 3 PC games over the weekend, including 2 from Tomb Raider

Three different adventures that can be yours forever if you buy them during the weekend.

With the so-present coronavirus outbreak, staying home is a necessity. A situation that, as we have been informing you this week, has led many companies to offer their games for free as a measure against boredom, and now we are talking about three PC titles that can be yours for free and forever, but only if you acquire during this weekend.

The first of the three is Mable & the Wood, a curious Metroidvania in which we can transform into the creatures we defeat to use their powers. Skills that open up your world and offer new possibilities for exploration and combat. What if we want to kill their creatures, of course, since the game can be completed without killing anyone. This game is available free at GOG for anyone who purchases it during the weekend, until Sunday at 15:00 CET / 09:00 CDT.

For its part, Square Enix has announced that Tomb Raider, the 2013 reboot, and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris can also be yours for free this weekend, and part of the following week. To be more precise, the two games of the Tomb Raider saga can be purchased free of charge on PC until the 24th, through the Square Enix store. This will provide us with a key to redeem on Steam, to enjoy these adventures forever.

Three free games on PC to facilitate the stay at home for these days. Although if these are not enough for you, in this special we show you a lot more PC games that are also available for free during the weekend.

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