Epic Games Store Exclusives: The Next Batch Of Games [VIDEO]

Tim Sweeney’s digital store wants to compete against Steam.

Epic Games published a new video, showcasing the next batch of exclusives. However, the first one is already a trick, as it’s not a game but a DLC of it. It’s Remedy’s Control, and its The Foundation DLC, to be exact. It is going to launch on March 26. Then, not as an April Fools joke, Totally Reliable Delivery Service drops on April 1, where up to four people can try to deliver the packages to the customers, but it will likely end up in chaos and destruction instead.

On April 14, Industries of Titan will follow by Brace Yourself Games, the devs of Crypt of the Necrodancer. It’s a dystopian sci-fi city-builder wargame with elements of FTL (Faster Than Light). On April 29, Dread Nautical drops. It will be a tactical turn-based RPG set aboard a cruise ship that falls under attack by supernatural monsters from another dimension. You have to manage your resources, recruit party members, battle through 20 decks, and „expect to die. A lot.”

On June 1, Twitter comes… or should we say Diabolical, a free-to-play multiplayer arena FPS in which everyone is a robotic egg. In the final quarter of the year (October-December), Saturnalia comes. It is going to be an ensemble cast of characters explore an isolated island where the twisting roads change every time they die. This Spring, Sludge Life will also be released. It is a first-person open-vandalism-and-photography simulator from the makers of High Hell. This Summer, Among Trees will also launch. It’s a survival game, but without any post-apocalyptic or supernatural elements – build a house, take care of yourself, and avoid the wildlife. Samurai Shodown will also be available from this Spring – now this one is a little comical. In June, SNK said that they rejected an offer from an unnamed PC platform for an exclusivity deal. So… did they turn their backs on what they stood for?

There’s more than this, though – in September, WRC 9 will also come, and now, they at least confirmed an immediate Epic Games Store deal, unlike with 8, where they moved from Steam two weeks before the game dropped.

Source: PCGamer

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