The Xbox Series X Sales Potential Underestimated?

Benji-Sales, an independent industry analyst, thinks so about the Xbox Series X Sales.

„To be perfectly honest, the more I look at things the more I think people are underestimating the sales potential for Xbox next-gen in the United States. I think it’s going to perform a lot better in that market than some think (global will still favour the PlayStation 5). Positioning themselves very well. Despite frankly horrendous messaging leading into this generation, the Xbox One has done respectably in the US (Europe is where things dropped off). A lot of people forget how strong a brand Xbox is in the US specifically. The Xbox 360 was a monster here.

Another thing to remember is „NOT BEING #1 MEANS YOU’RE A FAILURE” isn’t true. As a SUUUUUUPER early forecast, I still suspect the PlayStation 5 has a sales advantage even in the US. But that doesn’t mean next-gen Xbox can’t be highly successful in its own right.

I can’t think of a single 1st party game in the history of the Xbox brand as important as Halo Infinite. It’s THE launch game for their next-gen console and a game that is important to the health of their biggest IP ever. Talk about pressure on 343 Industries,” he wrote on Twitter.

Steven Bailey, a marketing analyst at Omdia Research, explains why the next console generation is starting shortly: „It takes billions to launch a console, and it can take years to plan. The logistics are confusing once you start talking about things like marketing spend. They chose 2020 over 2021 for a reason: because they know they have to start a new console cycle.”

He also believes nor the PlayStation 5, neither the Xbox Series X will cost more than 500 dollars/euros: „The prices of the two machines were already in the range of $400 to $500. $500, in particular, is a psychological obstacle such that we think that the manufacturers will be more likely not to exceed it rather than to take risks. Getting people on the platform is more important than wanting to be profitable in the short term. It is the long term that brings in money,” he added.

The next-gen consoles should launch this Holiday season if all goes well. We’ll see if the Xbox Series X Sales go well too…

Source: WCCFTech, JVL

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