Mafia’s Return Seems to Be Closer Than Ever

Its social networks are reactivated after two years of silence: With two stark messages, “Family,” and a day later: „Power”player speculation is garnering responses.

A month ago, the possibility that Mafia 2 and 3 returned with improved versions and that their second instalment reached Nintendo Switch was being considered. With no official announcement in the way and a constant information gap, the only thing the players could be content with was speculation.

Yesterday, after almost two years of inactivity, the video game’s social networks have spoken and the message is beginning to make people speak due to its simplicity: “Family”.

And today, the word „Power” is posted.

Numerous responses try to reveal the intention behind the content, many others launch ideas about the games that are on the way, but what is certain is that this revival points to an upcoming announcement.

A few weeks ago, a job offer from Hangar 13 came to light, seeking an executive producer with sandbox experience. From that moment on, it started to be played with the possibility that a new game from the creators of Mafia 3 was on the way, although it was not related to the franchise since it seemed to be a new IP.

For now, we will have to look at the Mafia social networks and wait for any announcement in the next few hours or days. It should be remembered that 2K will be among the companies participating in the Summe Games Fest this summer or, so they could take advantage of the event to offer more information. This is the first tweet launched since August 2018 and it has also been set in the profile so that anyone who enters can see it highlighted. A declaration of intent that could indicate the imminent return of the saga.

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