Empire Of Sin: A Family Member In John Romero’s New Game [VIDEO]

Romero’s next game includes a real-life person (who also happens to be a relative to one of id Software’s iconic ex-members…), plus it performs some self-critique with this addition, as the family ties do not make Elvira Duarte Morales’ story „better.”

Paradox Interactive and Romero Games released a new video for Empire of Sin on Mothers’ Day, featuring Elvira Duarte. She is none other than John Romero’s real-life great-grandmother, who will be an in-game character. In the 1920s, Duarte ran three brothers in Nogales, Mexico (on the border with the United States) for several decades. However, she quit the crime life after winning the lottery – she sold her businesses and promptly retired, leaving her past behind in the process.

Elvira Duarte will have a boss combat ability called Devil’s Breath. With it, she breathes purple smoke in her enemy’s face. It will allow her to take control of them for three turns, helping to reduce the other team’s number of gangsters. However, you have to make good use of the three turns, because the possessed character dies after the third turn, making them some sort of a timed bomb.

As Empire of Sin is a strategy game with crime bosses (which we could also call as a gangster XCOM) where the era is the same when Duarte ran her brothels (the 1920s), it’s understandable that Duarte shows up in Romero’s next project. He could have skipped her inclusion, but it shows some humility that he doesn’t deny the past when his great-grandmother was indeed partaking in criminal activities.

Empire of Sin is planned to be published by Paradox this autumn on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. However, we suspect a PlayStation 5 and an Xbox One version as well, turning it into a cross-gen title.

Source: Gematsu

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